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Located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, in the extreme south of Croatia. It is considered one of the most important cultural and tourist centers in Southeast Europe. It is famous for its old town core with numerous cultural and sacral monuments. Dubrovnik or “Adriatic pearl”, a city whose beauty enchants the whole world and attracts many guests. The place is rich in historical heritage, and the most valuable part of this legacy is the imposing Dubrovnik walls. Whether you like old or not, Dubrovnik will not leave you indifferent!


Rare are those that the complex of Dubrovnik walls leaves indifferent. The fortress, the city gate and the powerful stone shield rising above the shore and steep slopes are truly impressive. Not surprisingly, Dubrovnik is considered one of the most beautiful European and even the world’s cities, and every year it ‘seizes’ hundreds of thousands of tourists who want to peek at least for a few hours.

Sponza Palace

The beautiful Sponza palace through history was one of the most important Dubrovnik buildings. The construction started in 1516 according to the plans of Pasko Milicevic and lasted for four years. Sponza was conceived as a multipurpose facility, and from the beginning served as a customs office and warehouse space, and it contained a coin of money and a weaponry. Later on, Divona became home to the Academy of Complexes, as well as printers and several schools.


If you did not walk Stradun, you were not even in Dubrovnik – there is a famous saying about this street, known among the people of Dubrovnik as Placa. Indeed, Stradun is the place you need to pass to ‘feel’ the city and experience much of what it offers us. The place is the one that is viewed and seen, though both during the great summer crowds are still more difficult to achieve.