Do you want to determine the acquired knowledge about the basics of sailing and navigation?

Get to know the customs of living on a yacht or motorboat (sailing, cooking, sleeping and everything else that makes life on the sea and under the sails so special), or are you just looking for a simple advice on managing your new boat?

To get acquainted with the basics of sailing, motor yacht management and basic principles of nautical navigation – please contact us today! Even without any anticipation, all you need is swimming skills and readiness for some physical activity! Our experienced skippers are at your disposal with their professional advice and knowledge and will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information before your departure!

In the beautiful setting of the sea, the green, the sun and the wind, you can take the courses of sailing, combining methodology and activities to acquire new skills, see new places and have a great time!

Sailing is a great opportunity to meet new people with whom you share the passion for the sea no matter where you come from! Expect to socialize and gain many new friendships for a lifetime! The real deal for any active vacationers!