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The largest city in Dalmatia and the second largest city in Croatia.

Diocletian’s Palace

Diocletian’s Palace is one of the best preserved monuments of Roman architecture in the world. The emperor’s palace was built as a combination of a luxurious villa – the villa and a Roman military camp (castrum), divided into four parts by two main streets. The southern part of the Palace was in the scheme foreseen by the emperor, his apartments and appropriate governmental and religious ceremonial, while the north was for the imperial guards – service, warehouses and the like.


Marjan hill that overlooks Split, with its highest peak of 178 meters, always the most memorable part of the image of Split. It is rarely possible to experience such a harmony of nature and urban planning; on the one hand the densely populated city in full all its glory, and on the other peninsula almost untouched nature. Sacred Hill, as it is often called, hides many sacral monuments, and secular architecture, paired with this green oasis in such a way that the everyday passer for a moment create a sense of wonder and awe.


Split’s Riva its current form began to receive two centuries ago, when the French at the time of Napoleon and ruled these parts, hand Marshal Marmont. To date, this has become a walking city living, the most popular and the most important public space split. In the meantime, several times changed its appearance, but has always been marked by spectacular scenery provided by the southern facade of the Palace, with the entrance to the basement, and later built the building west of the Palace, then Franciscan monastery and church of St. Francis, and the palace Bajamonti Deskovic and light Master’s at the eastern end.

St. Duje cathedral

Cathedral is, first of all, today the liturgical place whose millennial continuity best reflects svakonedjeljna Mass and renewed splendor of the procession on the day of the Split patron St. Duje. The most famous part of the post of the cathedral which is 1214 in walnut carved from Split Buvina Andrew, on which the two wings 14 on the tape showing the Gospel scenes, Gabriel Annunciation of the ascension of Christ.