Charter Management is a business / contract relationship between the charter company and yacht owners, with which the yacht owner authorises the charter company to carry out rental and on-board accommodation services, vessel maintenance and servicing, and to organize all guest check-ins/check-outs and administration activities during the charter season, in his name and on his behalf.

Owning a yacht is not only joyful and pleasurable – it can also mean more obligations, concerns and additional costs. Our expert team will make sure your yacht owning experience is stress-free and gratifying by taking care of your boat all year round. You can fully rely on our management skills for obtaining necessary licenses and certificates for private or commercial use of the vessel, as well as handling boat’s registration.

How to establish a charter company?

It may sound complex, but it is actually very straightforward. We will carry out all activities regarding the registration of your new charter company, as well as manage its business operations after it is set up.

There are two ways of using your yacht, and two types of charter management services:

1. If you decide to buy a yacht for your own pleasure and use, AVS-Charter can offer maintenance and care for your vessel throughout the year. Vessel maintenance includes the following services: regular aeration of the boat, washing the boat twice a month, checking electrical appliances, installations and electronic and navigation equipment, cleaning the interior, organizing maintenance and repair services, engine conservation and deconservation, polishing and painting, replacement and repair of worn components…

2. If you plan on purchasing a yacht not only for your personal pleasure, but consider it as an investment, we would like to recommend to you our Charter Management Program. Charter Management Program retains the value of your invested capital, but also increases it without much additional effort, commitment or unnecessary risk. Running costs, e.g. berth in the marina, maintenance, insurance, etc. are covered from profits generated by charter activities. Charter Management Program makes it possible to own a yacht with a return of investment within 5-7 years.

Charter Management Program

Charter management is the simplest way of caring, chartering and maintaining your boat. Placing the yacht in Charter Management gives you the opportunity to reduce investment and maintenance costs for your boat and/or make additional income, while having it available for use during the sailing season. Charter company assumes all risks, costs and management activities regarding your boat, offering it on marketing networks and to a large customer base for charter.

Feel free to leave all accompanying issues – such as purchasing additional equipment, transportation, preparation, launching and maintenance of the boat – in our care.

Using the yacht

By making a prior reservation for personal use the yacht can be at your disposal for 2 weeks during the sailing season, or 4 weeks before and after the season. You can use the yacht any time you like when it’s not chartered. If you want to secure the best possible availability, we recommend you use the yacht only when it is not chartered.